Cosmetics that are used by young beginners

Cosmetics that are used by young beginners

Cosmetics that are used by young beginners

Teenagers should be able to use cosmetics that are suitable for them. Not just smart to dress up but women must be able to take care of themselves. Taking care of your face from an early age is a process that you must do so that your face is not dull and your face remains good. The following is a cosmetic step that teenagers must have Cosmetics that are used by young beginners

Refreshing Cleanser

Siamseriesawards – The refreshing cleanser is a must-have cleanser for teenagers. Because the freshener cleanser will serve as a lift up the dirt. It is known that teenagers have a lot of activities. So that you have to have a refreshing cleaner so that there isn’t a lot of clogged oil and the dirt that sticks doesn’t get clogged. The times are advancing so you can get a refreshing cleanser with just 1 step. So it’s not heavy when you carry it everywhere.


soap has a route of use after a refreshing cleanser to make your face cleaner. Because lifting the oil with the cleanser is not too clean. When you are going to use soap, make sure to use a low level first to find out whether the soap you are going to use is suitable or not.

Face Sunscreen

Choose based on skin type//makeup

Facial sunscreen for teenagers is usually only used for grade 1 high school students. This is because this sunscreen prevents the sun’s rays from stinging the face. Sunscreen will be very useful for children who will be doing outside activities. There are so many levels of sunscreen itself, so you have to understand at what level you are suitable and which brand you should need.


For teenagers, the powder is very important because it will blend together when using sunscreen. Use a powder that is suitable for the skin and the shape of the powder. The powder in cosmetics is quite varied, so you have to try it at a low level, if it doesn’t suit you, then use it at a high level.

Lip Gloss

lip gloss is only to make the lips not look pale. For those of you who have dark lips, of course, you have to take care of them too. And of course, using lip gloss will make you fresher.