How to register cosmetic

How to register cosmetic

How to register cosmetic

How to register for cosmetics, you can prepare several stages in registering your product. Cosmetic is a beauty products that most people buy. High market demand makes many beauty products keep popping up. To sell cosmetics is not easy.

Cosmetic makers, they must also do what is called the formation of a cosmetic name and make a license to circulate. To make a cosmetic permit, you must first register at BPOM cosmetic. With permission from BPOM cosmetics, the products you sell are safe.

It’s not easy to get a cosmetic permit. You also have to prepare the best sales system. The factory is ready to produce quality products. There are 2 types of permissions that you should know, namely: Siamseriesawards

First permission

If you are a maker, then you must provide a place of production such as laboratories, factories, production materials, and so on.


To produce a cosmetic you have to provide skilled workers. In addition, you also have to prepare facilities for making cosmetics. In making cosmetics that still use the usual system, they can do documentation. Make documentation that is in accordance with the previous way of making cosmetics.

have equipment//license

After processing all your cosmetic results, don’t forget to register yourself with a new business entity. No need to go to the center to do cosmetic registration. You can register your product through the website and also register for BPOM online. In making a cosmetic permit, the company concerned must meet the available requirements.

Requirements to be prepared

Production Permit
Submitting to the director general
Checkup visits and more