Recognize skin type

Recognize skin type

Recognize skin type

Recognizing skin type is the main thing in using makeup. Many people think that their face will match all the makeup they have. But did you know that every make-up has several different ingredients? Can make your skin that is smooth and beautiful become damaged and acne. Recognize skin type

Before buying and using a product, you must first look at your facial skin type. Even if you want expensive make-up, you can’t use it carelessly. By knowing your skin type, it’s easy to find makeup that suits you. There are five types of skin that you must understand and know.

Here are 5 types of skin on the face, namely:

Normal skin – Siamseriesawards

Skin that many others might envy. Normal skin has a balanced level of water and oil on the facial skin. So if you want any type of makeup can be used by normal skin. It doesn’t make your face dry or oily either.


Oily skin is an obstacle for those who want to use makeup. For those of you who have a face that looks shiny and when you pinch it a bit oily, you can say that your facial skin type is oily. To use make-up, you should choose some special cleansers for oily skin and choose a level of make-up that doesn’t have too much oil. Avoid excessive make-up for oily faces.


Combination skin is most often found in the T area. The T area which is located on the forehead and nose is a sign of oiliness, while the cheeks and chin area are dry areas. This is why combination skin often has problems choosing makeup.

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Having acne-prone skin will certainly be a sad day for women. Faces that have acne, also enter the oily skin category. For a face that is prone to acne, you should choose a product that doesn’t contain a lot of bleaching ingredients. To get rid of facial acne, you can use a special cleanser for acne-prone faces and have Mois.

Sensitive skin is something that must be taken care of the most. Do not just choose beauty products because they can make the skin damaged and blisters. For sensitive skin, it is often found on faces that are always reddish.