Signs of allergy to cosmetics

Signs of allergy in cosmetics

Signs of allergy to cosmetics

Signs of allergy in cosmetics and how to deal with them can help us keep our skin healthy. Cosmetics are now the main thing for women. If there are no cosmetics, their world will collapse, and can’t do anything. There are many types of cosmetics circulating around the world.

Various types of cosmetics have also managed to occupy the best and best-selling rankings. As we know, cosmetics are women’s tools of war. Look beautiful and can change your appearance only through cosmetics. But who would have thought if it turns out that cosmetics can also make people allergic?


Siamseriesawards – The appearance of allergies on the skin usually occurs because there are substances or ingredients that are not suitable for skin cosmetics. Allergies on the skin can appear without having to wait long. In just a few seconds, the signs of an allergy appear. Of course, those who experienced this became afraid and did not dare to face the crowd.

Therefore, sometimes there are some cosmetics that suggest some tests on the skin of the palms. You need to recognize the signs of allergies on the skin so that you don’t treat them wrongly, such as:

Itchy bumps

These bumps or commonly known as hives are one of the signs of allergies that you should avoid. Hives that appear will be marked by a burning or stinging sensation on the skin of the face, which will give a tingling sensation. To wait for the disappearance of the bumps you have to wait for twenty-four hours. But if more than twenty-four have not disappeared, then immediately contact a trusted dermatologist.

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Blackheads and pimples

One type of sign that can also be considered an allergy. Blackheads that keep appearing and pimples that don’t go away will also make the skin unhealthy. This can also be seen in small pimples that continue to appear with signs of changing skin color.

Sign of blushing

Be careful with marks that suddenly turn red when applying cosmetics. Because you could have skin allergies. Signs of blushing will give a fairly itchy effect and can also make the skin peel off.


Pain that makes the face become swollen and there will be itching that continues to appear in the swollen area.

After knowing the signs of allergies, immediately check and make sure to choose cosmetics that suit you so that your skin does not suffer serious injuries.