Steps to make bar soap

Steps to make bar soap

Steps to make bar soap

If you want to make your own bar soap so that it smells better and tastes better when used, of course, you can. Only a few ingredients and a few ways so you can use it after all the processes are complete. To carry out the steps for making soap, you have to make sure your bar soap has been prepared correctly with respect to other ingredients. There are several methods of making soap

Melt and pour

Melting and pouring is the easiest way for beginners. Because only by melting the product and mixing the essential oil, the results can already be poured into the mold. Handling this can be done easily and quickly this process is very easy. Siamseriesawards

Cold Process

Soap with this process takes a few days to be used. The result of this cold process soap has a different color from the hot process. Indeed, the way is still easy to do this stage but not fast the process. For those of you who like softer results, use cold processes.

Hot Process

This method is the oldest method which is always done because it gets the best results. The soap will process faster if you use this method because the hot temperature makes the color stronger besides making the soap dissolve quickly.

The process of making bar soap
lots of processes to do//cooling

Prepare tools and materials

Soap cooking equipment and accessories such as pans, stirrers, measurements, ingredients for making soap, and others.

Material Measure

Make sure you measure the ingredients that will be used best and measure according to the size that has been made.


Do the manufacturing process in order to get maximum results. Not only the manufacturing process but how many degrees Celsius must be taken into account so that you achieve the best results for your soap. Process everything from mixing to the printing stage so you can get the process you want.


To add bar soap, make sure to stabilize it at room temperature first. When it’s not hot, put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours. When it’s frozen, you remove the soap from the mold, which has been in the fridge for 4 weeks so it can be used. The best results for soap are that the soap has a transparent color, if there are still grains, you have to repeat the manufacturing process again.