What Causes Acne Face

What Causes Acne Face

What Causes Acne Face

Acne is the thing most people hate, especially on the face. Having pimples or pimples anywhere is of course not good. Because acne causes its own pain.

Sometimes acne problems arise because we are not careful in dealing with them. Those of you who have acne problems must understand health conditions or products related to the body. The more origin you choose the product, the more acne will increase. People who have acne must have a mistake that is rarely realized like


Don’t get me wrong, people who are stressed can certainly cause acne. Nothing can be avoided the problem of stress on the face. For that, you need to minimize stress as much as possible. You have to be able to control stress so that acne can be controlled. Siamseriesawards

Dietary habit
Don’t make the wrong decision to adjust your diet. Especially when going on a diet you have to be able to manage your diet. Because the wrong diet actually causes facial acne.

having the right hours of sleep at night is very important. You who want to have a healthy body and a healthy face also need proper sleep. Try to get 8 hours of sleep at night.

inappropriate cosmetics//acne

to deal with acne, take care of your health so that the immune system in the body remains stable. Do not be too excessive in diet or work. Because too much will make antibodies decrease.

  1. Skincare
    This is the stage that must be considered. Even from skincare, you can have a lot of acne. If you have a lot of acne, what you need to do is stop immediately and then treat the acne first. If you have a face with acne, use the right skincare and sunscreen to reduce acne.