5 Best Body Sunblocks

5 Best Body Sunblocks

5 Best Body Sunblocks

Body sunblock is a hand body lotion that has a special formula to protect the skin from sunlight. Using sunblock in summer is of course necessary, because in summer, of course, it will easily make human skin burn easily.

Each brand of each product has different ingredients, but the goal is the same, which is to protect the skin from sun exposure. Even though you already use sunblock, you shouldn’t often overheat in the sun. Because the resistance of the sunblock itself must be reused for 2 or 3 hours. Some of the best sunblock sold in the market

Banana Boat Sport

This hand body has a size of 90 ml with an SPF of 50. The price offered for this hand body is of course not arbitrary, around up to 100 thousand and above. Hand body banana boat sports water resistant, not sticky to the skin, and not too oily. Siamseriesawards

The vaseline hand body has SPF 30. Even though the texture of the vaseline is heavy, it can moisturize the skin. Not only that, vaseline hand body, including hand body sunblock with a water-resistant texture.


Sunblock Marina SPF 30 also has water resistance. Sunblock from Marina is of course non-sticky and absorbs easily. By using sunblock from Marina the skin still feels smooth.

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Cetaphil UVA/UVB Defense SPF 50+ (50ml) can be used for the face or body. Those of you who really want to use this product 1 will not clog your pores. The texture of Cetaphil is light and does not have a strong aroma.


Nivea Sun Protect and Moisture Lotion SPF 50. The packaging for this body sunblock is different from other sunblocks. What I like about this hand body is that it can moisturize and doesn’t have a thick texture. The product from Nivea itself is not a new product, so this product is always remembered by many people.