Bleach Injection

Bleach Injection

Bleach Injection

Bleaching injections are a quick way to have whiter skin. Even so, injecting bleach is quite risky if done continuously. Know in advance what are the restrictions on injecting bleach and what if you stop using injecting bleach.

The process of injecting bleach is to enter vitamin C into the skin. The content of vitamin C that will be put into the body, of course, must have the right level or dosage. Besides making your skin white, you can feel the results of your skin having better skin tissue. Optimizing cell function, of course, can increase endurance.

Bleach Injection Liquid

To get white skin, of course, you have to know in advance what liquid you should use. You don’t only understand the various types of fluids, but you also have to know their functions. Siamseriesawards

Vitamin C

Indeed, injecting vitamin C is not for whitening, but injecting vitamin C will make the collagen in the skin more elastic, of course, for those of you who have scars if you inject vitamin C, it will be cleaner on the skin.

health check before use//whiter

Glutathione liquid will make the body better immunity apart from that it will plump the skin and of course, be able to brighten the skin.


Injections that will make the skin more supple

A chromosome is a liquid that can make your skin whiter than your previous skin.

Bleach Injection Facts

Actually, there are some facts about injecting bleach that you should know so you don’t get it wrong. Bleach injections that are actually not allowed to be circulated in the community. Does not have permission from the FDA and BPOM agencies. Because giving injections intravenously can make the patient critical. Even so, many beauty clinics and salons still use this method to hook white crazy customers. Even though in fact the beauty clinic has explained the contents of the whitening injection mixture, they still cannot be held responsible for its safety.

If you want to be white, you better use rational methods so that your skin becomes cleaner and also use ingredients that are already listed by BPOM.