Cosmetics is a make-up or material used on the outside of the human body. The types themselves are very diverse, ranging from hair, nails, faces, and others. Many think that cosmetics are powerful drugs. But they all have different meanings. Cosmetics are ingredients that can help a person feel confident and help take care of our bodies.

If there are those who say that cosmetics is medicine, it can be said in a different sense. Can be a medicine not to be drunk or eaten. It’s a drug for self-confidence. As we know, there are many types of makeup out there. Starting from the types of facial treatments, hair, fragrances and others.

Already existed in ancient times

Siamseriesawards – Cosmetics itself has an interesting meaning, namely the ability to arrange. Maybe many don’t know that cosmetics existed in ancient times. Some reviews say the beautiful queen of the pharaohs, Cleopatra, used beautiful red lipstick. This is what makes many experts think that in ancient times cosmetics existed.

According to them, cosmetic in ancient times was an important item for women. As a tool for women’s war in getting recognition of their beauty. The ingredients used in making makeup are not ordinary ingredients. When you look back, cosmetics in ancient times did not use chemicals.

Using natural ingredients

Instead of using natural ingredients in the manufacture of cosmetics. As was the case in ancient Greece, Japan and China used wax, bees, eggs, roses, and many others as basic ingredients. In use it can not last long.

Makeup//Beautify face

In formed many kinds and various types of uses that can make a beautiful face. There are 2 types that sometimes we think are the same, namely maintenance and beautification. Materials that can make a face change and show its beauty. This is what makes the face so beautiful and charming. While the treatment is often used to treat the face and clean the make up on the face.

Some of the makeup that is often used are:

Blush or rouge
Eyeshadow and many more types.

There are also types of cosmetic cleaning or maintenance like

facial soap
Cleaner and freshener
Foundation and more