Danger Cosmetics contain mercury

Danger Cosmetics contain mercury

Danger Cosmetics contain mercury

Mercury is liquid mercury or what is known as liquid metal. Mercury is often found in various types of cosmetics and is present in the bodies of marine fish. Of course excess, the mercury will cause things that are not good for the skin. Because mercury that is exposed to the body of fish that has been consumed continuously causes death in fish. Imagining mercury that has been stuck to your face for years will certainly make you scared, right?

Mercury hazard

Siamseriesawards -There has been a lot of news about the dangers of products containing mercury. However, some people still don’t care about it.. Do you know the dangers of mercury for your skin and body?

The danger of mercury is

products that can damage the face//dangerous

Damages nervous tissue and digestion
Mercury’s symptoms are:

  • Can make people depressed
  • Numb skin
  • Anxious

What causes a person to have excess mercury is not just a cosmetic ingredient but seafood such as fish. Many always throw garbage or waste into the sea so it’s not surprising that many fish suddenly die suddenly or die simultaneously.

The function of the brain

Mercury can make brain function unstable. Blood that continues to travel to the brain can absorb mercury. If you use it on the face then it will make the facial skin thinner.

Affects fetal growth

Lots of doctors suggest why many pregnant women should not use cosmetics. Because the cosmetic ingredients used vary greatly, he suggested that it’s better not to use anything. Beauty products that can make the face beautiful. The ingredients used in making cosmetics are not ordinary ingredients. To anticipate miscarriage or defects in the baby, it is better to stop using cosmetics during pregnancy.

Immune Disorders

Too often using cosmetics that contain mercury will cause immune disorders in the body. If immunity goes down, of course, it will cause health problems.

Using a cosmetic containing mercury can make people get skin cancer. Prolonged use of mercury, of course, will cause various diseases.