How to distinguish illegal and legal cosmetics

How to distinguish illegal and legal cosmetics

How to distinguish illegal and legal cosmetics

You have to know how to distinguish illegal and legal cosmetics from the permits that are in circulation. Cosmetics are one of the most used products by everyone. From facial care products to skin care products. There are many types of products that you can find from markets to small shops.

From offline stores to online stores. Many buy cosmetics to make the skin smooth and soft. Perform skin care so as not to experience dull skin. Of course, all efforts will be made to look beautiful. Every time you buy a beauty product, the most important thing is the price they offer.


Siamseriesawards – Hearing cheap prices, of course, you will immediately buy it without hesitation. Without realizing it, sometimes the products you buy can just be ordinary beauty products. Not all beauty products are suitable for the skin, so you have to be careful when buying cosmetics. Cheap cosmetics with guaranteed products are possible. Just don’t buy illegal products.

Since knowing that cosmetics are the most sought-after product, of course, there are some people who are not responsible for spreading illegal products. Products that can make your skin damaged and can’t be helped anymore. To be safe and avoid illegal products, of course, you can tell the difference.

Pay attention to product packaging//select product

Observe the product

Based on the results of the inspection of illegal and legal products, it is very difficult to distinguish. Both have the original texture. To find out if this product is legal or not, you can bring the product and check it on a lap. The inspection takes a long time so you have to be careful. Maybe for ordinary people to distinguish cosmetics is very difficult.

You can take a few careful steps that people usually buy, namely:

See product packaging
Extensive date
Circulation permit no
View the products for sale
Damaged packaging is not worth buying
The habit of buying these products can help you choose good products and avoid toxins. The most important thing in choosing a product is the setting for its use. A label that can help users use the product they will use.