The Origin and Treatment of Acne

The Origin and Treatment of Acne

The Origin and Treatment of Acne

Acne that already exists on the face, of course, doesn’t disappear that quickly. But nothing is impossible in dealing with acne. Even though it is known that acne comes from unclean things, it is clear that it is still not known what is the main cause of acne. The Origin and Treatment of Acne

Origin of acne

  • Acne can come when there are signs or even menstruation arrives.
  • From the sweat that accumulates, it doesn’t get cleaned right away.
  • The time has come for hormones.
  • Excessive stress accompanied by physical fatigue.
  • and the last one is coming from heredity.

Siamseriesawards – Even if you are experiencing a period of pimples popping up, you don’t need to panic, because acne can be treated easily and certainly doesn’t take too long. It’s good if you experience acne immediately you use acne medication inside and outside so it doesn’t become insensitive on your face. Because a face with pimples left alone will damage the skin so that it can cause sensitivity to acne-prone skin later. Even though basically the skin with acne if you don’t use any skincare is much cleaner later after it heals, it has quite a big risk after it heals later.

Acne medication that can be used is

Drinking medicine
Of course, there are antibiotics for the face too, so someone who has acne needs medicine to kill germs. Make sure to spend this antibiotic sequentially according to the dosage from the doctor.

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External drug

Who would have thought that apart from internal medicine, someone who has acne also needs external medicine? A better external medicine for use by acne sufferers is one containing Benzolic peroxide gel. Combining make-up with acne medication. Use acne medication when going to sleep at night or in the morning to make it more effective.


Before using the ointment you have to clean your face with soap or a jacket. Use a cleanser that contains lemon ingredients to reduce the oil on pimples. Because acne can appear because there is oil hiding in the skin.