How to choose powder or foundation

How to choose powder or foundation

How to choose powder or foundation

How to choose a powder or foundation, of course, you have to know some important elements. The powder is one of the most important and primary beauty tools. There is no powder so the face feels ugly. Cosmetics always accompany women when they are fighting with many women outside the world.

Each powder has a different function but one meaning. There are several types of powder that can not be used by anyone else. Powders that are only specifically for certain skin. A beautiful and sweet woman can certainly attract many men. That’s what makes powder look great. Can change the appearance of ordinary people to be extraordinary.

skin type

There is also a powder that can make a person’s face different. For those of you who are still beginners, of course, you are still confused about how to choose a good powder or foundation. You should pay attention to several types of powder and colors that suit your face. Here’s how to choose powder based on skin type, namely: Siamseriesawards

  • Oily skin is more suitable for the loose powder that has no shine. The powder can help absorb facial oil so that an oily face will not be visible.
  • Normal or dry skin can use any powder. For better results, you can start by trying two-way cake powder. The powder makes your skin smooth and silky.
  • Acne should avoid powders that contain lightening ingredients. You can use loose powder with a light level. Makes acne skin not irritated.
choose powder based on its use//choose a foundation

Choose based on skin color

For those of you who want to get the best results, of course, you have to choose a powder that suits your skin. don’t just choose the color of the powder because it can make you not be able to perform well. Powder that matches the skin must have a color that matches the skin.

Match the color of the powder with your skin. Done with the color of the powder, don’t forget to choose the color of the foundation. If you want to appear whiter, you can start by choosing a slightly lighter powder. Don’t forget to choose a foundation that is slightly darker than your skin tone. Of course, you will wonder why you have to choose a bright powder color with a dark foundation.

Did you know that choosing a bright powder found with a bright foundation can make your face look like a mask that doesn’t look natural? In contrast to those of you who choose bright powder with a dark foundation, it can make your face look natural.