A suitable way for facial acne

A suitable way for facial acne

A suitable way for facial acne

Dealing with acne on your face, you will definitely get dizzy and you will become stressed. But you don’t need to be confused and worried when you are going to do this. Because the key to overcoming acne is all the makeup equipment. If you do a good routine, it will be easy for you to control the oil and dirt on your face. The following are some stages of dealing with acne problems


Siamseriesawards – Find a facial cleanser that suits you. Facial cleansing can use soap or just a refreshing cleanser. But it would be nice to use soap afterward using a refreshing cleanser. There are so many cleansers and fresheners as well as soaps so you can try with ingredients specifically for acne-prone skin. If using soap or double cleanser actually makes acne worse, it’s better to stop it.


Look for a moisturizer that has been specially formulated for acne-prone skin. Because moisturizers that already have special ingredients will make your face less oily and your face brighter and less acne.

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Acne can come from a dirty face, for that you need sunscreen so that your face is not exposed directly to sunlight. By protecting the skin from the sun, of course, the vitamins on the skin do not disappear immediately.

Face mask

Using a facial mask that can reduce oil. With a lot of oil on the face, of course, there will be lots of pimples popping up. Acne can appear anywhere and of course, by using a mask there will be collagen that you can take from the stage of using a mask.

Medicine for the face

Acne medication is the most important medication when it comes to getting rid of acne. Because those of you who have used any cleaning, if you don’t do the stages of using acne medicine, of course, it won’t heal. The function of acne medicine is to make the acne dry because it contains mint. Usually, acne medications contain mint which is suitable for reducing excess oil on the face. By drying pimples, the dirt from the inside will definitely dry out and disappear easily.