Be wary of expired cosmetics

Be wary of expired cosmetics

Be wary of expired cosmetics

Be wary of expired cosmetics that can make your face sore and infected. When talking about cosmetics, surely no woman will refuse. Almost all women like cosmetics. They collect and collect various types of cosmetics. Even though you really like your cosmetics, women also have to be wary of expired cosmetics.

Expired cosmetics can create a lot of viruses and bacteria that grow which can make the face easily infected and damaged. this is what sometimes cosmetic users always complain of pain in the part of the face they desire. Besides the past date, you also have to know that just storing it wrong can easily make cosmetics expire.


Siamseriesawards – Store in a cool, non-humid place. Because storing cosmetics in a cool place can make cosmetics last longer. Avoid hot storage or exposure to sunlight. Because cosmetics will be easily damaged and change color. It’s no wonder that some people store their cosmetics in refrigerators.

Storage of cosmetics in the refrigerator is very good. It can make the efficacy and usage period last longer. Usually, cosmetics that are often stored in the refrigerator are cosmetics made with natural ingredients without preservatives. Of course, to buy beauty products, you also have to be careful.


When choosing cosmetics to use, of course you have to know what type of cosmetics you are using and see the date of manufacture or expiration date. If there is no date, you can observe the cosmetics in terms of color, aroma, and so on. Even after researching all of this, there are still people who experience skin problems.

face can be damaged//bad smell

You have to start knowing how long cosmetic products can last. That way you will know when to throw away your cosmetics that are no longer suitable for use. Here are some products that you can know such as:

Lipstick and lip gloss
You can see the lipstick from the color of the lipstick and the smell. Usually, lipstick lasts only two years, while lip gloss when it expires will give off an unpleasant aroma. Lip gloss only lasts one year.

It can be seen from the color that is starting to change and only lasts from six months to two years.

Mascara and eyeliner
When using mascara and eyeliner if you find it is clumpy then it is a sign that the mascara and eyeliner are no longer suitable for use. Mascara lasts three to six months and eyeliner from six months to a year.