How to Overcome Dry Skin and Acne

How to Overcome Dry Skin and Acne

How to Overcome Dry Skin and Acne

Have pimples but some of my faces is dry. You can be sure that acne comes not because of the amount of oil on the face. But what causes facial acne is the presence of dirt that has accumulated on the face so that no air can escape the skin cavity, causing acne. How to Overcome Dry Skin and Acne

Caring for acne-prone skin is not easy especially if the skin you have is a combination of dry acne or whatever. Currently, dealing with acne-prone skin is very easy because there are already lots of creams or beauticians who can help your face. But if you have a money limit then you can overcome acne in the following way

Skin care series

Siamseriesawards – The online shop now provides a lot of acne medication. You can try to buy it at the cheapest price first. Not only acne medication but a series of skin care for acne-prone faces that you use regularly. Make sure you give your skin time to adapt first to see the effect.

Avoid washing your face Over

If you have a dry face, make sure you don’t wash your face often. Because washing your face too often for dry skin will cause itching and possible breakouts to appear.

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Home care
You can do home treatments such as facial masks and facials, but you shouldn’t do it every day. This treatment is only for removing blackheads or relaxing your face.