How to take care of stiff and dry hair

How to take care of stiff and dry hair

How to take care of stiff and dry hair

How to care for stiff and dry hair, of course, requires special attention. Who says stiff and dry hair is difficult to treat? Caring for stiff and dry hair doesn’t need to be tired of going to the salon every day. Because stiff and dry hair can be overcome alone without a lot of stuff. Having the products mentioned can make your hair healthier and not stiff, here

  1. shampoo
    Use the right shampoo for stiff and dry hair. There are so many shampoo brands in the world, you really have to try them one by one to find out what suits you best.


The function of the cream bath is to soften and make hair more fragrant. Therefore those of you who have stiff and dry hair must use a cream bath. If you use a cream bath, your hair will be easier to manage. Even without the need to comb it, if you already use a cream bath, it will stay regular. Siamseriesawards

If you rarely comb, of course, it can make your hair tangle easily. Use a lighter comb if your hair is very stiff or you use a fork comb. Because a fork comb is able to make hair not easily tangled.

comb every day//dry and broken

With you doing this kind of treatment every week at home, your hair will be healthy. To be healthy you don’t have to go to the salon every day, if you want to make yourself straighter than before you can straighten your hair. By brushing your hair, your hair will be tidier and straighter like from a salon. To make straight hair, of course, requires quite a lot of time. It will take several hours for your hair to get better.