How to Treat Dry Dull Face

How to Treat Dry Dull Face

How to Treat Dry Dull Face

Having a dull and dry face means you need care. Of course, maintenance must be done routinely every day or at least once a month. There are several possibilities that make someone have a dull face, so people who want their face to look white must have lots of fluids and collagen. Discussing collagen, of course, can be obtained from food and cosmetics, so you can choose which one you think is better from the results and process.

Here are tips for caring for dull and dry facial skin

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Make sure you use a moisturizer that contains collagen. For dry faces, make sure to use a moisturizer morning and night. Because night cream will renew dead cells while you are asleep. It is also important to use a moisturizer when you are in an air-conditioned room.

Face Soap

Choose a facial soap that contains natural moisture. By choosing natural soap, a dry face will be resolved immediately.

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Someone who has a dull face due to frequent heat due to work in the field, therefore, needs sunscreen. Sunscreen that is used before this moisturizer must be used so that the face does not burn.

Drink Water

What causes people to have dull faces is not drinking enough water. Water will prevent dehydrated skin. Besides making the skin fresh, water will also make the face less wrinkled.

Face mask

If you are already routinely using moisturizer, sunscreen, and cleansing, do use a mask at least once a week. Use a face mask specifically for dry skin or you can choose a face mask with natural ingredients. Use natural ingredients as a face mask. These ingredients are Jicama, bananas, tomatoes, avocados, and others.