Equipment in makeup For Beginners

Equipment in makeup For Beginners

Equipment in makeup For Beginners

for beginners who are going to do makeup, don’t just bring make-up tools and equipment. Those of you who want to bring your make-up equipment should be able to choose which products are suitable for your skin. After you determine how to make up what you want to do, then you just step on the gas. Here’s what make-up equipment a beginner needs


the foundation is very important before doing makeup. Because with a foundation, you can be restrained and last longer. There are a lot of foundations currently available, from liquid to solid or stick forms. If you want to use foundation then you can choose as you like. Siamseriesaward


Before putting foundation on your face, you can choose a moisturizer, those of you who want to use moisturizer must adjust your skin and foundation. Because there are moisturizers that make the face whiter.

start make-up//prepare tools and makeup

Eyebrow pencil
this is a war device that should not be missed. Because it’s neat you need to use an eyebrow pencil. A pencil to shape the eyebrows so they don’t look empty and scary.

  1. Loose Powder
    loose powder you can use as the end of the use of powder. If you want to use powder, you can choose a color that is almost similar to the pressed powder.
  2. Eyeshadow, blush
    buy eyeshadow you can also buy a package filled with blush on. If you are eager to buy eyeshadow packages, choose neutral colors. Neutral colors like brown, cream, black, or white will certainly be very helpful.