5 Light foundation on the face For sensitive skin

5 Light foundation on the face For sensitive skin

5 Light foundation on the face For sensitive skin

Having sensitive skin doesn’t need to hesitate if you want to use makeup when beautifying your face. Of course, there are things that will definitely be used when going to use makeup. Especially when going to an event, you can use suitable makeup to make your skin better. Using makeup for sensitive skin is rather difficult to find, but for those of you who want to look for it, you can use the foundation. 5 Light foundation on the face For sensitive skin

Some of the names of foundations that are suitable for your sensitivity like

Onlyou Concealer brightening

The shape of the foundation from only you is not like any other foundation. But this foundation from only you can be used as a concealer. Those of you who want to use concealer as a foundation can, of course. With a texture that is easy to absorb, non-sticky, and waterproof, it will keep your face glowing. Siamseriesawards


The price of foundation from caring is not playing games. With a price of around 70 thousand, it can make your face more beautiful. This easy-to-apply foundation is also suitable for everyday makeup, even if your skin is sensitive. There is already a special formula that is given to this foundation. The durability of the foundation is up to 6 hours.

Revlon color stay makeup for combination / oily skin

radiant beauty//can be for sensitive skin

The foundation from Revlon is not only for normal skin, but this foundation has other types such as combination and oily skin. Foundations that have additional moisturizers can provide moisture for up to 24 hours. It doesn’t stop there, the foundation in Revlon Combination has an SPF of 20.

Loreal Paris true match liquid foundation

Loreal Paris is a foundation that is very suitable for all skin types. But this new version of Loreal is able to make users fall in love. Especially those users who have sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin can’t just use foundation, for that Loreal provides the best solution.

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Foundation

Foundations that have a liquid texture are also available in Rimmel products. Those of you with sensitive skin might be suitable if you use this foundation. Rimel foundation does not contain oil so it will be safer on the skin. The reason why you have to choose this foundation is that the makeup that has been set will not fade and there is no doubt about the problem of disguising blemishes. The price of the Rimmel Foundation can reach 100 thousand.